Roofing Contractor, Save Up to $1,000 Off a New Roof

All of that, he argued, showed the workers were independent contractors which relieved him of the obligation to pay any unemployment-insurance taxes that might be tied to their work. An Iowa roofer argued his workers are independent contractors, not employees. In Arizona, installing the correct roof type makes a tremendous difference in ensuring a comfortable indoor environment. Don’t miss out on the latest architecture designs using natural materials. Do not miss this selection of the most common roof types.
Comprised of skilled professionals with diverse expertise, including roofing contractors, solar panel installers, and customer service reps, we are fully licensed and insured. Our team values attention to detail and safety, as well as staying current with industry trends. As Barrie Roofing of the top roofing contractors in San Antonio, we repair both commercial and residential roofs. We are known for quality service, installation, and materials. We have worked hard to build up our reputation; it has been backed up by top quality products and a top quality customer service that reaches far beyond just the completion of a project.
Get a natural slate look without the usual cost and maintenance. We offer a wide variety of colors to suit any siding, stucco or trim color. Pool solar is the most affordable and effective way to heat your pool, spa or hot tub. With properly installed solar, you can keep you pool swim ready about 10 months out of the year. Collis Roofing installs James Hardie fiber cement siding and trim with a variety of colors, styles and looks.
They even used a magnet to pick up any dropped nails or other metal items in the yard. The installation went great.Ray communicated well and even went above and beyond to try and match the existing shingle type and color. His methods included a safe approach both for him and our home.
Roofing materials vary in appearance, cost, and longevity. This will depend on your specific taste, your homes specific requirement, and your budget. After your project is complete, we will scan your entire property to make sure no debris or nails are left behind. We will run a large magnet along the ground to pick up stray nails to make sure your property is safe for everyone once we leave.
With a deep history in the development and manufacturing of metal shingles, metal roofing panels, and standing seam we have mastered interlocking panels and concealed fasteners. A complete roofing system from Classic offers protection from wind, rain and snow damage, unparalleled durability, a lifetime limited warranty, and beautiful colors and finishes. The history of the company can be traced as far back as 1950 under the supervision of the Howard family.
Once the roofers were done Felipe and Fernando inspected the work of the roofers and asked us if we had any other questions or concerns. We are a true Texas-grown family owned and operated business with roots that go back over 35 years. This is why safety, quality, and value are important to us. With a metal roof installation, homeowners can enjoy a sleek, modern roof that’s durable, energy efficient and fire resistant. With decades of experience in home improvement, Long Roofing grants homeowners peace of mind through each stage of the roof replacement process.