Middle School Fundraising Ideas Page 2 Results from #6

First things first, check with your municipality for rules on hosting raffles, as some consider it gambling. Announce the date of your drawing and require participants to pay $1 for each entry they submit. Keep reading to learn more about why school fundraising matters, our favorite school fundraising ideas, and some tips and best practices for how to do a school fundraiser. Combining the popularity of custom-designed apparel, water bottles, backpacks, mouse pads, canvas totes, and more with the ease of online ordering is a no-brainer. The chocolate bar fundraiser is another simple yet popular and profitable fundraiser program for elementary schools.
From Prom to Homecoming, school dances have been part of American culture for decades. Take advantage of the classic student/teacher role reversal by offering students the chance to put one of their teachers in jail for the day. Chances are, the families in your network will be happy to get rid of a few things especially when it’s helping to raise money for their kids’ school.
In our experience, some of the most reliable school fundraisers are a-thons such as fun runs, dance-a-thons, read-a-thons, walk-a-thons, etc. Corporate gift matching and spirit gear stores are also very profitable school fundraising ideas. Restaurant nights are a great school fundraising idea for bringing people together and involving the community while raising a lot of money for your school. These school fundraising events – also called dine-to-donate, restaurant give-back nights or spirit nights – work by having a group of people dine at a restaurant on the same night. Then the restaurant donates a portion of the proceeds to support the school fundraising goal. A fun run is a classic, reliable fundraiser for any time of year.
Over the last few years, Track and Field fundraising has become increasingly important in schools across America. In fundraising ideas for high school and middle schools, Track and Field teams need to raise an ever increasing amount of money. Auctions are a tried and true fundraising method that can be adapted to your needs. You can run an auction with auction items donated by local businesses, donated services, or even student-made projects. Particularly at smaller schools, having classrooms collaborate on a project that will be auctioned off is an easy way to promote creativity and teamwork.
The expenses add up quickly, and that’s where JustFundraising comes in. There are football fundraising ideas and there are football fundraising ideas that work. Fundraisers for football are not only useful, but they’re also fun, too. Whatever fundraisers for football you end up choosing, make sure the kids enjoy what they are doing and know that it is going to help them directly.